Store Policy

Customer Care

We ensure to take care of our customers by answering all of our customers inquiries within a day. This is to ensure your queries are solved as soon as possible. We ensure your bookings are well taken care of, so it runs smoothly until the completion of your booking with us.​

For refunds on talents bookings, we only offer refunds on bookings we cancel or you cancel due to an emergency. In a case of your cancellation due to an emergency 50% of your payment will be refunded, however to receive a full refund an evidence is required from you. We will email you our booking agreement which contains all of our policies when you book with us.

Privacy & Safety

your privacy is our responsibility, we ensure all of your details are safe with us. when booking your bank details as well as personal details are all kept safe. 

we do not share your details with any talents or staff. everything is confidential in Rainhas Recruitment. The only time your details will be shared is if we suspect  yourself or our staff are is put in danger.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards
- Offline Payments/ cash accepted in some occasions